34% absenteeism reduction in 8 months

With our health and wellbeing services for employees

A financial institution came to us with an urgent issue which needed to be solved. They were dealing with a very high percentage of sick leave and asked us if we could help them reduce this.

Why reducing absenteeism is vital for your business

High absenteeism has adverse effects throughout your whole organization. Firstly, on a personal level, being sick affects the lives of your employees negatively. Nobody wants this. Moreover, if an employee calls in sick, other people have to pick up their workload. This increases pressure on these employees, and in turn, they fall ill. This is bad for your employees’ overall health and happiness, while also increasing your costs and lowering your profits. Since often you see that one persons’ absenteeism leads to more and can create a vicious circle.
Break and prevent this cycle with our health and well-being services.

How did our employee perks help to reduce absenteeism significantly?

We first needed to analyze the situation and discover the cause of the high absenteeism. To this end, we launched a preventive health check for all the employees. From the overall results – individual results are not available for privacy reasons – of these tests, we found that the primary reasons for the high number of sick employees were:

  • Stress at work
  • Bad life style habits

To get to the root of the problem and solve it, we put together an extensive pack of health and wellbeing services. With great results.

What was the result of our employee health and wellbeing services?

We reduced the overall stress levels with regular sports sessions, massages, and physiotherapy at the workplace. Also, we organized breakfast sessions with inspiring speakers and courses like ‘how to quit smoking’, mindfulness and lifestyle coaching. The goal of these initiatives was to encourage and actively help employees to have a healthier lifestyle. And it worked.

As a result of our services, absenteeism went down from 5,5 percent to 3,5 percent is just 8 months. And further declined to a level that was constantly below 3 percent.

Do you also want healthier and happier employees and to reduce your absenteeism?

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