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We believe weekends are too short to match your socks and iron your clothes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an accomplished CEO or a young professional just starting out. You need to create an excellent work-life balance to be at your best. We found a solution to the conundrum of having both a great career and a happy private life. Focus on what matters, instead of losing valuable time to unimportant chores. We turned our solution into a business which today benefits over 90 leading companies and growing.

We offer you over 20 convenient employee services – from bicycle repair and dry cleaning to physical therapy – who will all deliver their services to your office. Now you don’t have to spend valuable time to visit them. Why do things the hard way, when we can make it both easier and healthier for you.

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A story of never-ending to-do lists

We were spending long hours at the office, building successful careers. Of course, we didn’t mind. We liked our jobs. Besides, we know that you need to put in a decent effort if you want to accomplish something in life. However, the moment we left the office, there was little time to relax. At home, there was a long, long list with things that had to be done.

After a heavy day, you want to kick back, recharge and enjoy an excellent glass of wine with your partner or friends. What you don’t feel like, is having to wash your car and rushing to pick up your suit from the dry cleaners before it closes. Meanwhile, also trying to stay in shape by fitting in a workout. Time was always lacking to check all the boxes on our list. And we saw we weren’t the only ones struggling.

Most important, these to-do’s were not only consuming a considerable amount of time. Having them on our minds was also mentally blocking our creativity at work, or even stressing us when we were supposed to have fun!

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We found a solution to squeeze more juice out of your day

Tech giants in Silicon Valley transform their offices into impressive campuses. They offer services – like massages, gyms or a dog walker – at the office, saving employees precious time and preventing stress. As a result, employees are healthier, happier and more productive.

So why aren’t more employers offering this to their employees, as the benefits are so apparent?

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Convert your office into a full-service campus

We quickly discovered that many companies indeed wanted to offer more benefits to their employees. Only they didn’t have the resources, nor knowledge to set it up and manage the services. That’s where we came in and started The Office Service. Why should each business organize these services individually, when we can do it for them? It’s easier and more efficient, thus saving everyone time and money.

Select the employee services with your web app and portal to ensure the best quality, we meticulously select our service suppliers. You can order them with the customized web app and portal. View them here.

Want more time, increased productivity and happier employees?

Since we started with The Office Service we’ve booked incredible results. On average, firms saw productivity gains to the equivalent of 5 full-time employees. Meanwhile, employees won over 49,000 hours in freed up time.

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