Our partners

Employee services and benefits provided by curated local partners

If you’re a human resources manager or facilities manager, procuring suppliers to deliver employee services and benefits to your business takes a lot of work. Instead of having to do it yourself, The Office Service does it for you. We work with the best local partners to supply and deliver outstanding employee services to your office.

We only offer the best employee services to you as our customer. As such, our suppliers go through a rigorous selection procedure before we approve them and offer their employees services on our platform. They need to complete the following steps successfully:

  1. Positive online reviews
  2. Interview and ecological and social responsibility compliance check
  3. Trials with 3 customers where they need to earn ratings above 4 out of 5
  4. A three-month trial at 1 company and achieve an average rating of above 4

What do we look for in an Office Service partner?

To become our partner and provide employee benefits to leading companies, you have to offer at least:

  • Fair prices
  • High quality standards
  • Customer-first approach

Become a partner

We’re always on the lookout for excellent local partners to provide amenities at work, but we only work with the best. Together with our suppliers we already manage employee benefits and perks for over 90 organisations.

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