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The benefits of our services for facilities managers

As a facilities manager, you want to offer the best employee benefits. However, often you are constrained by a limited budget which only provides for the basics, like parking or cleaning. But what if you could stay within budget and offer great employee perks? Imagine being greeted every day by smiling people, happy to come into your office, because of the excellent facilities you provide? Let’s make this a reality.

The Office Service offers you an affordable, unique one-stop solution, which will turn your office into a place where everybody wants to be. Take this opportunity and start offering a wide range of employee services for a fair price. You and your business will benefit in various ways.

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Save time with the 1 solution for all your employee services

No need any more be dealing with 20 different suppliers, their services and figuring out how to integrate them on your site. With the Office Service, you’ll have 1 personal account manager, 1 customized platform and 1 web app for all your services. Imagine the time and energy you’ll save.

Additionally, our software makes it easy for you to track and report on the use and the effects of each service. Discover our platform here.

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Guaranteed quality of suppliers

It can be quite a challenge to find suitable suppliers when you want to offer a great new benefit to your employees. Not anymore. We’ll take care of it. Our suppliers go through a rigorous selection procedure before we approve them. This way we can guarantee you first class customer service and fair prices. Only the best for your employees. Learn more about them.

As a facilities manager, all that’s left to do is to pick the facilities you’d like to have for your employees. If you want to add or remove a service, we’ll arrange it immediately.

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Upgrade your employee benefits for a reasonable price

You might think adding these amenities will be expensive. It’s not. We offer various packages at reasonable monthly rates. Moreover, you decide whether an employee pays for a specific service or the business. Check our prices.

Using the Office Services is an investment which will pay itself back. See the high ROI our clients achieved.

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The Office Service is the only way to offer my employees relevant services without any organizational hassle

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Let’s raise your facilities and workplace benefits to a higher level of comfort, increase efficiency and save you time and money.

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