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Offer your employees excellent workplace benefits like the tech giants in Silicon Valley.

You know extra perks keep employees happier and healthier, while you can also use them to attract top talent. It’s good for the business and your people. However, too many times costs limit you, and you have to convince a skeptical boardroom. Fortunately, we can help you with both.

Our easy-to-use services save your employees precious time from day-to-day chores. This way they can clear their minds and focus on what’s important. Your people never have to worry about the opening hours of the dry cleaner again or when and where to get a massage or a haircut. When they go home, they are truly going home instead of running errands.

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Reducing absenteeism

Many companies organize a health week once a year or sponsor their people to participate in a sporting event. But this is not enough to have a real impact on your employee’s health. If you want to increase the fitness of your employees significantly, you need to have permanent health services in place. Our health services ensure that your employees move more, learn to relax better and become more aware of their health.

A financial service provider reduced absenteeism by 35 percent in 8 months. The return on investment was 600K in the first year.

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Increasing productivity and creativity

Did you know that professionals spend a whopping 41 percent of their time managing less relevant tasks? All our time-saving services are offered through 1 simple app to make it extra convenient! As a result, they have more energy and creativity for the important items on their to-do list.

A large bank that offers our wellbeing services to its employees saved more than 27,008 hours of its employees time, the equivalent of 14 FTE.

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Increasing job satisfaction

Our employee benefits help create an optimal work-life balance, which results in a happier workforce. Research by Fidelity Investments shows that millennials would be willing to give up on average € 6,500 of their salary for a better life-work balance. A happy employee will take better care of your clients and will come up with more effective solutions.

Furthermore, the cost of an employee leaving your firm equals about 3 times the annual salary, due to lost business and the expense involved in recruiting and training a replacement. But satisfied employees are more keen to stay where they are, which will help you retain your talent and save money.

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Recruiting top talent

Top performers demand the highest service level possible. It enables them to put all their focus on their priorities and grow your business, instead of getting sidetracked by trivial chores. That’s why the tech giants in Silicon Valley offer great office services and use these to recruit talent. They realize that for many it’s more important to be happy and healthy at work due to excellent employee benefits than to make much money. Start doing the same and use The Office Service to win the war for talent.

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