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Increase the value of your property with more than 20 health- and well-being services

In the competitive world of real estate, adding highly valued services to your building increases the marketability of your property and provides you with an advantage over your competition. It will help you attract tenants faster and let you charge a higher rent or service costs. As a commercial real estate owner, providing these services is not exactly your core business. However, it is ours.

From a tailor and dry cleaning to a parcel service  – which will bring a whole new level of comfort and luxury to your building and its tenants. The services are provided via your own branded web app and portal uniquely customized for your building and tenant’s needs. They’ll bring immediate gains to your property and business.

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Increase your office building’s rental income

By providing extra facilities for your tenants, the office space gets a much more important role in their lives. The office is no longer just a place to work, but a place where they can receive packages, bring their laundry and even get a haircut. It will save tenants from performing tedious and time-consuming tasks. Our real estate clients generally increase their rent and service costs with 2% after they introduce The Office Service. That’s a substantial extra rental income, especially if you see the affordable rates for our service modules. Check our prices here.

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Make your commercial property more marketable

Market the services to potential tenants. The extra amenities for your building will increase its prestige and its brand value. An appealing brand will attract tenants more quickly and at a better price. Especially for objects at sub-prime locations, our excellent services and amenities can convince new tenants to sign the lease.

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Gain income from the services

When you connect objects with over 10,000 m2 of office space, we have an interesting kick-back structure on the services that your tenants use. That way you benefit both from the rental income as the B2C turnover.

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Transform your commercial real estate

Our services will turn your commercial property into a 5-star hotel and enhance its value. Let us take your property to a higher level of convenience and luxury and beat your competition.

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From a tailor and dry cleaning to a bike repair service. Our services will bring a whole new level of comfort and luxury to your building and its tenants.

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