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Benefits For Your Company

The Office Service helps you and your clients (employees) to balance their lives & offers the solution to increase productivity & employee satisfaction.
Humans are a company’s most important element, or capital so to speak. The ability and willingness of your employees determine the success of your company.
More and more, employees (and employers) have a hard time balancing between business and private demands. Managers, HR Business Partners and Facility Managers face the difficult task to make sure that their clients (employees) are continuously motivated, feel happy and are productive.

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Higher employee satisfaction

Through using The Office Service your employees gain on avg. +6752 hours/year.

Increase productivity

Using The Office Service let your company gain on avg. 5 FTE.

Have a more succesful business

Digitalize internal processes and Boost your Human Capital!

Web Portal & Web App

To simplify the whole process of offering & using services, The Office Service developed an intelligent web portal and web app. The Office Service enriches your company with a personal web portal. That means your web portal will get branded & shows solely the selection of services and suppliers you prefer. Your employees can book the services via the web portal with just a few clicks, no matter where they are: simply login to the web portal via desktop or use the web app on your phone.

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The Office Services

All Relevant Services In One Web Portal

The Office Service offers a wide range of different services at your company: Wellbeing, Health and Business services.
Take care of your employee’s wellbeing and health by offering them a mindfulness training or giving your employees the chance to visit a massage specialist at the office. It will positively affect your employee’s productivity!
Let your employees safe time by providing them with a pick-up & delivery laundry or shoe care service. With the integration of business services such as booking meeting rooms through the intelligent web portal, processes and operations within your company become more efficient.
On top of all these benefits, we ensure a high quality of every single service, by collaborating with the best service suppliers!

Where? Pretty Much Everywhere!

We are currently offering our services throughout the Netherlands. Among it are the major cities Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam. Is your company location not listed? Don’t worry! Contact us and we will find a fitting solution.

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How It Works:

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What The Office Service Offers

The Office Service ensures that employees can focus on the important things in life, by facilitating relevant services directly at your company. Together with you as Managers, HR Business Partners and Facility Managers, we determine which services are offered to your employees (clients). These services are offered through a personal web portal only available to the employees of your company.
By offering our innovative solution to your employees, you increase productivity and employee satisfaction and will run a more successful business. Sounds great, right?

Our Prices

1 - 5 services


One time set-up costs: € 100 per service

6 - 10 services


One time set-up costs: € 100 per service

10+ services


One time set-up costs: € 100 per service

Upgrade your service

Business services € 99, - per month

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