Bike repair and maintenance at your office!

The Netherlands is the land of bicycles. Therefore, it is an absolute must to have one. Especially if you live in the same place as you work! But how annoying when your bike needs maintenance, or maybe even a thorough repair. You need to take your bike all the way to the bike repair specialist, and you will have to do without your bike for a day or two.

Not anymore! We bring our bicycle repair specialist to you! No more breakdowns, no more postponed repairs. Our bicycle repair specialist will do all the repairs and maintenance while you work!

How it works

Place an order at the platform and receive a confirmation mail. Hand-in your bike and keys at the bike storage of your office. Let our bike repair specialist know what needs to be done and hand-in the keys. Our bike repair specialist will send you a message when your bike is done, so you can come collect your keys. You can now cycle home on a perfectly good bike!

  • 1. Book your bike repair on the service portal
  • 2. Our bike repair specialist will contact you to confirm the appointment
  • 3. Hand-in your bike & keys
  • 4. Let us know what needs to be done
  • 5. Receive a message when your bike is ready
  • 6. Cycle home on a perfectly new bike

Our preferred supplier

Zaaf Bike Repair Pierre from Zaaf is our bike repair specialist. He comes to your office in a small truck, which is conveniently equipped with all parts and tools he needs to repair the most difficult defects. He has plenty experience to repair all sorts of bicycles, from city bikes to complicated race bikes.

Bike Repair Services