A clean car without the hassle

Have your car cleaned while you are working! We bring an ecological car cleaning to your office building or home. Both the inside and the outside of your car will be cleaned thoroughly, including the wheels.

Your car will receive a luxurious hand wash, executed with high-performance car care products – without harming the environment or the waste of 400 liters of water!

Where and when?

The Office Service can arrange a car wash when you work at your office or at your home address in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague and everywhere in between!

Register/login and book a car treatment!

  • 1. Book a car cleaning on our platform.
  • 2. You will be contacted to make an appointment, within 3 working hours.

Our car wash partners

Our car wash partners (Blink Carwash & Car Cleaners) understand how much your car means to you and how often you use it. Therefore they take care of your car using only the best products! Your car will be sparkling clean in no time. Why order through The Office Service and not directly? The prices are 15% lower if you order through The Office Service and we guarantee customer satisfaction! If you're not satisfied, you can simply tell us and we will take whatever action is needed to guarantee your satisfaction!

Car Wash Options

N.B.: If we come to your office on set days, our prices are ca. 30% lower than below prices. Log in to see the actual prices or contact us for more details.