No time to visit the hairdresser?

Going to the hairdresser can take up a lot of time. Time that you do not always have, or spare time that you do not want to spend sitting in a salon chair. The Office Service gives you the solution. We bring the hairdresser to your office, to make sure you can look your utmost in 30 minutes tops!

How it works

On fixed days, the hairdresser will come to your office. Book a quick touch-up and have your hair brought back into shape in only 15 minutes for € 15, or book a full treatment and get a newly styled haircut within 30 minutes for only € 34,95. You can explain to our skilled hairdressers what kind of style you prefer and they will make it happen! That's convenience.

  • 1. Book an appointment on our platform
  • 2. On the service day, visit our hairdresser at your office
  • 3. Enjoy a high quality haircut without any hassle
  • 4. Enjoy looking your best!


Gyld is the luxury of having your own hairdresser at your office for a fair price. Gyld is old English for guild, a medieval collective of artisans. We are a modern hairdresser guild, with an eye for craftsmanship and quality.

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