What we can do for you

Do you have a busy life? Work, family, friends, hobbies, sports; sometimes you might as well be a juggler trying to keep all the balls in the air...

That's where we come in; we make sure that you can focus on the important things, so you can get the most out of your professional and personal life!

How we help you

Whether you need your clothes dry cleaned, your car washed, your bike repaired, a relaxing massage, or a gift; we take care of it. All our services are offered within your office environment which means you can enjoy a high-quality service, for a normal price, without wasting any time, valuable time you can now use for the things you find important and enjoy doing.

If your company is already offering our services you can use the following steps. If not, please contact us and we'll inform you how our services can work at your company.

  • 1. Register for our service
  • 2. Find out which services are offered at your company
  • 3. Order/book a service that will make your life easier
  • 4. Focus on the important things, we take care of the rest!

Our partners

Of course it are our partners the deliver the high quality service to you. Here you'll find an overview of the partners we work with. We are proud that we ca offer their services to you!

Questions and answers

If you can't find your Q&A, contact us, we are happy to help.