Do you want to have your nails done?

Your hands are like a business card: when you have an appointment and shake someone’s hand, it is the first impression you make. Therefore a nice hand massage, cuticle care and maybe some nail polish to finish it off would be great every now and then. That is why we bring these new services to your office, executed by our manicure specialist.

How it works

You can either choose a treatment without nail polish that will take up to 15 minutes and will cost € 12. If you want our stylist to finish it off with normal nail polish, you can book a normal manicure (15 minutes) which will cost € 15. Would you like your nail polish to last you longer? Book a gel manicure and enjoy beautifully styled nails for more than two weeks, for only € 30!

Everyone wants to take care of themselves, we just make it very convenient.

  • 1. Make an appointment on our platform
  • 2. On the service day, visit our manicure specialist at your office
  • 3. Enjoy a high quality manicure without any hassle
  • 4. Enjoy looking your best!

Fairy Chic

Having been a nail-biter for most years of my life, finding a good manicure specilist changed my world! I knew I wanted to help other people experience the same thing, but without the hassle of having to go to a salon. That is why I can also come to you!

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