Shoe repair

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is hard enough. But what if you have finally found the right pair that perfectly fits your feet, so you wear them almost every day? At one stage or another, your shoes will be in desperate need of either a quick-fix or maybe a more difficult reparation. But where do you find someone that genuinely understand’s the love you have for your shoes? And how do you find the time to bring them there and pick them up when they are ready?
Do not worry, The Office Service is here to help! It does not matter if you want to have the bottoms of your Santoni’s, the heels of your Louboutin’s, or your limited edition sneakers fixed, we will take care of it for you.

New soles - heels - polish - Goodyear stitching

You can drop off your shoes in the cupboard at the service point in your office building. The service point is accessible 24/7. Please make sure to present your shoes in a The Office Service garment bag, and to fill in the information on the The Office Service card. Is it the first time you are making use of the service? Not to worry, you can present your shoes in a plastic bag that is available in the cupboard. Please remember to fill in your personal details on the information card that you can find in the cupboard as well. We will return your repaired & polished shoes in a The Office Service garment bag that you can use for your next order.

Pick up & return
We have fixed pick up and return moments, for most companies two times a week. Please make sure to place your order, and drop it off at the service point, before 10:00 a.m. on the service days. Shoe repair items are returned within 5 business days.

  • 1. Place your order
  • 2. Drop off your shoes at the service point
  • 3. Receive notification: your order is ready
  • 4. Pick up your order and enjoy your perfect looking shoes!

The best cobblers

Rick Van Leeuwen knows good shoes and loves to repair them and make them look as good as new. He has won the golden medal on the European professional competition for cobblers three times in a row – so your shoes will be safe with him.

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