Fullstack PHP Developer (med/senior)

Fullstack PHP Developer (med/senior)

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Build next level technology and have a positive impact on thousands of people daily

Join our TOS Tech Team, take-on a big responsibility, learn and work with many different technics, have direct impact on thousands of daily lives, create something beautiful and have a lot of fun doing it!

Role & Responsibilities

What will you do

You will work closely with the whole team (10 FTE Marketing, Operations, Software Development, Management) being the team's eyes and ears at our most important clients. You will feed our team with all the knowledge you can gather from our clients, and you will sell all the amazing software solutions and services that TOS offers for those clients. Your responsibilities in short;

  • Work agile (sprints) so sh*t gets finished and you don't go home with work still on your mind.
  • Write neat and clear code because you intrinsically find that important
  • You understand the principle of a SPA and you go through SOLID, Clean Code, Domain & Test Driven Development.
  • You will see our framework (Laravel) or ORM (Eloquent) not as the most important aspect of an application but more as a means to an end.
  • You will work together with the lead dev and architect and the front end dev & designer of the software (small team, big impact)
Core Qualifications

We would love to hear from you if

  • You see yourself as a true Fullstack Software Developer
  • PHP is the language that you know best together with Javascript
  • HTML, CSS no longer have any secrets for you
  • You understand how Webpack, Stylus, Sass, and PostCSS work
  • You work with GIT
  • Knowledge of VueJS is a plus
  • Knowledge of Laravel is a plus
  • Your English and Dutch is fluent
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